Here we highlight some of the most memorable events during the year.

Japanese Embassy Donates Drums to School

The Japanese Embassy in Philadelphia has pledge to donate Taiko equipment to the Lower Merion High School in Philadelphia, after school officials requested for the equipment early this year. The emissaries at the Japanese Embassy then wrote (more…)

Much Ado About Taiko

Taiko is a Japanese word which means “drum”, and is also used to refer to the art of ensemble Japanese drumming performances. Although drums have been used extensively in the past thousand years, it has only been in recent years that the drums take center stage in these events. (more…)

Concert For Solidarity Staged

The North American Taiko Conference in cooperation with will be conducting a Concert for Solidarity. They have invited all Taiko ensembles who wish to perform at the aid event to coordinate with both groups to arrange their scheduled performances. (more…)

About Us

We are a non-government institution whose aim is to help promote the art of Taiko. We work closely with culturally inclined groups who share the same vision with us.

It’s All in the Flick of the Wrists

The secret to hitting the right note with the Taiko is by giving a slight flick of the wrist upon impact. This sort of tempers the strike and gives a resonating sound of hitting the drums full force.

This is just one of the secrets revealed to students as they take their journey through their Taiko school. A lot more tips and secrets will be revealed during the course of the lessons. (more…)