Taikoconference is a website dedicated to the traditional art form of Japanese drumming. There are many lectures and workshops being held annually all over the world. Workshops dominate most of the schedules during such conferences, eating up almost half of the time allotted for the conference.

This goes to show that there is a lot to learn about the art form as of yet. Despite being long-standing members of the group, we still need to continue our development and learn more about our chosen craft. Workshops are also the number one reason members are attending Taikonference meetups.

Then there are the Taiko Jam Spotlights, which are concerts and live performances by skilled Taiko ensembles. Some famous Taiko artists, like Shogo Yoshii, are often included in such lineups.

Since its inception in the early 2000’s Taikoconference has been working closely with artists and the community to make the taiko movement more visible to the public eye. This endeavor has garnered more fans of the craft and has encouraged Taiko dojos to open more learning slots for future classes. It has literally drummed up publicity and interest in the art form and has made the public more aware of the existence of such.