Concert For Solidarity Staged

The North American Taiko Conference in cooperation with will be conducting a Concert for Solidarity. They have invited all Taiko ensembles who wish to perform at the aid event to coordinate with both groups to arrange their scheduled performances. The concert will be held at the Japanese Performing Arts Theater in San Diego, on July 7th to 13th starting at 7PM EST.

The week-long event is expected to attract many Taiko afficionados from all walks of life. The average guests expected to arrive will be near the thousands for each night of the performances. Students will be given a free pass and preferential treatment when getting seats to the event. This move will encourage the younger ones to participate more actively in similar events in the near future.

Among the many performers expected to grace the occasion are world-reknowned Taiko performers Osuwa Daiko and his ensemble. There will also be lectures interspersed with the performances, to give first-time audiences a better knowledge and understanding of the history of the Japanese culture revolving around the Taiko.

The organizers of the concert hope to achieve their goals of building a strong community of Taiko groups in the area, as well as share traditions and repertoire. The end-goal for the group is to support the development of the art-form, and to document North America taiko history.